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Why Patrick's?

About Us

Patrick O’Loughlin was born in County Clare, Ireland, in 1826 and came to the United States in 1859. He settled in Hartford, Connecticut, married Bridget Kelleher, another immigrant from Ireland, and together they raised four sons. To support his family, Patrick became a sexton for Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, responsible for upkeep of the church and its grounds, and made a successful life for himself, acquiring a home on Cabot Street in Hartford and supporting a large, extended family. The portrait you see nearby is of Patrick, probably from around 1860.

The oldest of Patrick’s sons, Peter, also married and had five children, all sons. The fourth son, Joseph, married and had three sons. The middle son, James, was the father of your host today, Sharon, Patrick’s great, great granddaughter and the first female in the line of Patrick’s descendants.

Patrick departed this world in 1925, just shy of 100 years old. He lived a long and prosperous life and left a legacy of hard work and commitment to family. We have no indication that Patrick ever came to Chicopee, Massachusetts, but we like to think that if he ever did make it here, he would have liked the neighborhood. We hope Patrick, wherever he is now, can appreciate our efforts to make the restaurant we named for him, a place that is welcoming to all.